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F. Perdere le cose

(Losing things )

Premiere: Teatro Arena del Sole / VIE Festival, Bologna, 08/03/2019

About this event

A blurry picture of bewilderment along the Via Emilia

Born in 2015 in Bologna, Kepler-452 works on two main axes: on the one hand, the urgency of addressing a specific audience (not inclined to enter theatre halls), realizing shows and organizing festivals, exhibitions, workshops. On the other hand, the company investigates and brings on stage the lives and biographies of non-professionals (“experts of everyday life” in the words of Rimini Protokolls) whose identities are magnified on the scene.
Losing things is a new investigation that will search all along the Via Emilia the traces of what disappears in the wake of our rapidly changing times; it is an attempt of facing the concept of loss in its broadest sense.
Due to its large perspective, the project will include different movements, each one featuring interviews, reports on places, meetings, evidences of the experiences occurred during the research period.
This first movement intends to capture some fragile instances, to focus on what no longer has a place to stay, on what still exists but also no longer exists, without giving way to nostalgia. The project is meant to be a sort of container to gradually fill with new achievements and new losses. The loser, the one who is defeated, lost or about to lose something will be the central element. In such interesting and elusive times like those we live in, the show is an attempt to define what is there, what exists as a complementary image of what is missing, disappears or was removed. The resulting picture could not but be out of focus: change cannot stand still and does not accept to be crystallized in a definite shape.

Artistic Data

an investigation in different movements by Kepler-452 (Paola Aiello, Enrico Baraldi, Nicola Borghesi)
produced by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
a production of F. Perdere le cose • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro