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International Projects

Prospero – Extended Theatre


The ten partners involved in the multi-annual project of cultural cooperation PROSPERO – Extended Theatre want to undertake an artistic and cultural act, and to promote an ambitious theatre project which is also a political gesture, thus contributing to the construction of an artistic and cultural Europe.

PROSPERO – Extended Theatre gathers 10 partners – 9 theatres and one medium (ARTE), from 9 countries of the Union.

– Théâtre de Liège (project leader – Belgium)
– Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Modena – Italia)
– São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisboa – Portugal)
– Göteborgs Stadsteater (Göteborg – Sverige)
– Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Zagrebu (Zagreb – Hrvatska)
– Teatros del Canal (Comunidad de Madrid – España)
– Schaubühne Berlin (Deutschland)
– Teatr Powszechny (Warszawa – Polska)
Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe (Paris – France)

The project has three main goals:

  • To imagine other principles, other developments for a more inclusive, more diversified European theatre creation, more connected to current societal issues;
  • Broaden the dissemination of theatrical works, in theatres and on the digital space, to reach new audiences;
  • Rethink the theatrical journey of audiences, from the initial discovery to the aftermath of the performance.

In this context of repeated crises that challenge Europe to convince its citizens, the partners intend to show that art and culture are a powerful force capable of stimulating creativity, exchange and cohesion. They believe that theatre, in particular, remains an essential forum for dialogue, capable of creating real, direct human encounters and stimulating our critical faculties. Through their work, they wish to participate in the artistic and cultural development of Europe.

Thanks to the support of the Creative Europe programme, the partners, strengthened by their visibility at the European level and their openness to other continents, are able to pursue their research on the issues of theatre, media and creation, more particularly their evolution and modernization.

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Silk Road International League of Theatres

Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione is part of the Silk Road International League of Theatres (SRILT), an organization of theatres and cultural institutions all around the world, founded in 2016 by China Arts and Entertainment Group Company Ltd. (CAEG), endorsed and supervised by the Ministry of Culture of China, in order to further improve cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation among countries. 

On the principle of “negotiate, cooperate, and share” and proactively coordinate strategies of cultural and artistic development of countries, the aim of this organization is to revitalize the ancient Silk Road, which will, in new ways, cement ties and bring to a new height mutually beneficial cooperation between influential cultural institutions across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Since its foundation, the SRILT has now grown into an alliance of 107 member units: 38 members are from within China,  69 members are from 2 international organization and 36 countries and regions around the world, creating a platform for international cultural exchange and cooperation.

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Between Lands

Between Lands is a network for artists’ mobility that links Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione to other international partners from major European cities: KVS – Brussels (BE), Teatro Calderón de Valladolid (ES), FARaway / Comédie de Reims (FR), Teatro National São João – Porto (PT), Onassis Foundation- Athens (GR).
The aim is to defend a common vision of the world, a democratic one in the first place, fostering the idea that culture plays a preminent role in peace-maintenance. From one country to the other, we embark on a “journey in Europe of civic values”, with the ambition to build international collaborations, not only in the sense of artistic exchanges, but as a favourable tool for the construction of a space for reflection, transmission and sharing. Each theatre commissions one writer and in each city workshops and discussions take place.  At the end of the process, the six writers will each write a short piece about the concept of Democracy. Each text will then be shown by all six theatres at exactly the same time, directed by a local director based in each country. 

TEXT Rachida Lamrabet (BE), Pier Lorenzo Pisano (IT), José Manuel Mora (ES), Charlotte Lagrange (FR), Mickaël de Oliveira (PT), Lena Kitsopoulou (GR)

ORGANISATIONS Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (IT), KVS- Bruxelles (BE), FARaway festival / Comédie de Reims (FR), Teatro Calderon de Valladolid (ES), Onassis Foundation (GR), Centro Dramatico Sao Joao de Porto (PT), Onassis Foundation- Athens (GR).

The writers taking part to the project are:

PIER LORENZO PISANO is the Italian writer and theatre and film director choosen by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione. He studied as actor at Guildhall School Of Music and Drama (London). He works as actor and director for theatre and cinema. His short film Così in terra was selected for the Cannes Film Festival in 2018. His theatre work as writer has also won a number of prizes: Fratelli won Premio Hystrio in 2016 and Per il tuo bene won Premio Riccione-Tondelli in 2017. 

RACHIDA LAMRABET is the author choosen by KVS- Bruxelles. Lamrabet’s debut Vrouwland won her the Debuutprijs – an award for best newcomer awarded by Boek.be. Next, she wrote a collection of short stories, Een kind van god. Alongside her novels, she has gained public attention for her resolute opinions, essays and theatre texts, the latter including Belga and De handen van Fatma. Under commission from KVS and the Goethe Institute, she wrote the screenplay for Deburkanisation, which landed her in the eye of a media storm, resulting in her being dismissed from the board of directors at Unia. In response she wrote her essay Zwijg Allochtoon. Lamrabet recently won the biennial Culture Prize KU Leuven and won the Flemish Culture Prize Ultima for Arts. 

In France, FARaway Festival/ Comédie de Reims commissions CHARLOTTE LAGRANGE, a director and writer, and part of theatre company La Chair du Monde. Her work includes Désirer tant (2018) in which she portrays three generations of women dealing with their desires against the straitjacket of society. This tension between macro and micro stories often recurs in her work, in which see always seeks to interrogate political realities.

The Spanish writer JOSÉ MANUEL MORA graduated in dramatic writing and is founder and artistic director of Madrid Draft.inn, a development space for international collaboration. He also runs Spanish editions of the FRINGE festival and often writes for Peeping Tom. His interdisciplinary writing style is a hallmark of his work. José Manuel participates in Between Lands with Teatro Calderon de Valladolid. 

LENA KITSOPOULOU is an actress, writer and director from Greece, commissioned by the Onassis Foundation. Her short story collection Nichterides won the Best Debut Author Award DIAVAZO in 2007. She has made shows previously for the Onassis Foundation, Theatro Technis in Athens, in Germany and in the UK. The Greek author won the Internationaler Autorenpreis for her piece Athanasios Diakos at the Heidelberg Stückemarkt in 2013. Kitsopoulou’s work typically combines contemporary form with classical Greek elements, including myths and rebetika.

Centro Dramatico São João de Porto has chosen French-Portuguese writer MICKAËL DE OLIVEIRA. Mickaël has written for theatre since 2004 and set up Coletivo 84 in 2008 as a structure in which to write and direct. In 2007 he won the Nova Dramaturgia Maria Matos prize for O que é teu entregou aos mortais. His work has been played in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Norway. He is also Artistic Director of the Encontros de Novas Dramaturgias Contemporaneas project, which aims to grow attention for contemporary Portuguese and international writing.