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‘A Cirimonia - L’impossibilità della verità

(A Ceremony. The impossibility of the truth)

Premiere: February 22, Arena del Sole, Bologna

About this event

Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi are actors, authors and theatre directors, who have been working together since 1976. Through their training group work, they based their research on improvisation, collective dramaturgy and focused on the actors themselves. Later, they developed a fine theatre craft, in which tradition is intertwined with innovative forms.
With A Ceremony they meet the writing of the Sicilian author Rosario Palazzolo, a writing with a pressing cadence and rhythm, desperate and comic, merciless and poetic, never reassuring.
A ceremony, maybe a birthday. A cake with candles. Two actors on the stage, a memory.
Close dialogues of memories that resurface, necessary memories for the celebration.
A man and a woman question each other with cruelty and fear, they go through uncertainty and enthusiasm, excitement and depression, sudden despair and joys and continue to hear voices around them, voices of adults and children, threatening or tormented.
Whenever they finally believe they have understood and found what they were looking for, the truth remains there, unspoken.




from 22/02/2022 to 27/02/2022

Artistic Data

by Rosario Palazzolo
interpretation and direction Enzo Vetrano e Stefano Randisi
set and costumes Mela Dell’Erba
lights Max Mugnai
music and sound Gianluca Misiti
production ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro, Teatro Biondo di Palermo, Teatro Stabile di Catania e Soc. Coop. “Le Tre Corde”
In collaboration with Compagnia Vetrano-Randisi
a production of ‘A Cirimonia - L’impossibilità della verità • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro