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Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, based in Modena, is one of the seven Italian National Theatres. 
The foundation manages two theatres in Modena, two in Bologna, and one in the towns of Cesena, Vignola and Castelfranco Emilia respectively.


Production is the main focus of ERT’s activities, we believe in the value of sharing our artists’ dreams and projects; we work to build connections with local audience focusing on its demands in order to establish a relationship with people. A multitude of languages allows ERT to be part on the programs of various national theatres and to collaborate on a European level.

International Festivals

VIE Festival

VIE is an international festival of theatre and dance. It was founded in 2005 with the goal of crossing the contemporary scene, of intercepting new identities and subjectivities which stand out in the field of live performance. VIE wants to give to the look the responsibility of finding, of searching where the strength of the new is hiding today, the artists who are able to explore the areas of contact between the performing arts

Atlas of Transitions

Atlas of Transitions, new geographies for a cross-cultural Europe (2017-2020), is one of the winning projects of 2017 “Creative Europe”. Through the use of various artistic practices, looks into the potentiality arising from contemporary migratory phenomena and works towards finding new ways of perceiving public spaces and cohabitation between European citizens and newcomers. Using a range of means, the project opens the path to promoting interchanging geographies involving a dialogue with the other, based on reciprocity and interaction.



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Theatre education

Scuola di Teatro Iolanda Gazzerro

One of the main activities of Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione is in the field of theatre education. ERT manages the Scuola di Teatro Iolanda Gazzerro for young artists, and a one-year specialization course open to candidates having a theatre school diploma or any professional theatre experience.