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Iolanda Gazzerro Theatre School

Permanent laboratory for the actor

In response to the changes in the production system and to the questions of the contemporary scene, the Iolanda Gazzerro Theatre School inaugurates a new phase under the direction of Valter Malosti, with a proposal that aims to train interpreters with transversal skills, able to face different languages with awareness and carry on an artistic practice able to range between the various disciplines of the theatre.

With this in mind, and in line with ERT’s vocation for internationalization and with its marked sensitivity towards contemporary languages, the School is structured into free High Professional Training courses, held by great masters of the Italian and foreign scene, and aimed at artists who have already graduated from theatrical schools and academies and/or with proven experience in the field of live entertainment. The aim is to lead attending students to a high level of improvement, for a more qualified and long-term entry into the job market.

To guarantee the acquisition and consolidation of transversal skills, each course focuses on a specific language, which is tackled with an interdisciplinary approach. Access is therefore open to different professional figures so that each participant can diversify their artistic skills and make them adaptable to various cultural and theatrical contexts, both Italian and international.

Since 2016, the courses provided by the School have been approved by the Emilia-Romagna Region and co-financed by the European Social Fund.


The new courses

In the 2022/2023 season, the School offers four free High Professional Training courses.

  • Specialization course for actresses and actors “Pier Paolo Pasolini – Construction site on Beast from Style. High international actor training” (January – May 2023), entrusted to the director Stanislas Nordey. The production outcome will be presented in Modena in May 2023.
  • The playwrights Linda Dalisi, Angela Dematté and Fabrizio Sinisi conduct the course “Dramaturgie: High training in theatrical writing” (February – May 2023): with a maieutic and non-dogmatic approach aimed at enhancing the creativity of each student, a ” construction site” of drama writing in a path that benefits from the active and enriching contribution of the entire working group.
  • “The body words. High training course in physical dramaturgy”, by the choreographer and dancer Michela Lucenti, comes from the urgency to investigate and experiment with the relationship between dance and theatre (May – October 2023). The course is designed to support and stimulate the emerging creativity of young performers who know how to combine action and choreographic writing with a real dramaturgical discourse. It will also be an opportunity to work on the construction of a new sign/language capable of opening up a current and concrete panorama of dance-theatre.
  • From June to December 2023, will take place “Text, body, voice”, a specialization course for actors on refining acting techniques.

In partnership with Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna / Dipartimento delle Arti, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia / Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali, Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena, Associazione Riccione Teatro e Fondazione Nazionale della Danza.

The courses are created as part of the operation “Turn around and face the unknown – International School of High Theater Training” – Ref. PA 2022-17910/RER (Projects 1, 2, 3, 4), Ref. PA 2022- 17910/RER, financed with resources from the European Social Fund Program Plus 2021-2027 of the Emilia-Romagna Region and approved with Regional Council Resolution no. 1951 of 11/14/2022