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PROSPERO Extended Theatre

Prospero – Extended Theatre gathers 10 partners – 9 theatres and one medium (ARTE), from 9 countries of the Union. The project was built around a new dynamic of collaborations, synergies and relationships between the partners, their respective teams, the artists and the audiences around the redesign of the production and distribution of the shows.

PROSPERO – Extended Theatre Network:

Main goals:

  • To imagine other principles, other developments for a more inclusive, more diversified European theatre creation, more connected to current societal issues;
  • Broaden the dissemination of theatrical works, in theatres and on the digital space, to reach new audiences;
  • Rethink the theatrical journey of audiences, from the initial discovery to the aftermath of the performance.

Theatre for Democracy

Theatre for Democracy is meant to be continue and enhance the actions of the previous project Between Lands, a network for the mobility of artists that connected ERT to KVS – Brussels (BE), Teatro Calderón de Valladolid (ES), La Comédie – CDN de Reims (FR), Teatro National São João – Porto (PT), Teatre Nacional de Catalunya – Barcelona (ES), Onassis Foundation Athens (GR). 

A group of theatres from Europe came together with the need and the intention to share experiences, to enrich each other with different ways of doing, with different traditions and roots, different languages and with similar political circumstances that urged the need to be together and work together for Culture as the heart of our European Community.

The core of the project is to give a voice to new dramaturgies, as writing is essential to shape our world. The network of theatres has worked with authors on an equal footing, sharing debates and research.

At this stage of the process, an author from each theatre has been invited to write a short text on a specific theme, each one in their own language, and all of them were directed by different directors, in each of the 5 theatres, with the dramaturgy that each director decided. All of them were translated into the 5 languages and into English with the intention of creating a virtual library of Democracy accessible to everyone. In 2023 the main theme of Theatre for Democracy is Adolescence.

TDDAYS (Theatre for Democracy Days) are programmed in each country, presenting the new texts in different formats.

Theatre for Democracy is crossing ERT’s vision and activities devoted to the young audiences, it crosses the programs of ERT’s projects in schools and ‘the frame of citizenships and arts’, to celebrate the 2nd of June, Festa della Repubblica Italiana.

Silk Road International League of Theatres

Silk Road International League of Theatres (SRILT), an organization of theatres and cultural institutions all around the world, founded in 2016 by China Arts and Entertainment Group Company Ltd. (CAEG), endorsed and supervised by the Ministry of Culture of China, in order to further improve cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation among countries. On the principle of “negotiate, cooperate, and share” and proactively coordinate strategies of cultural and artistic development of countries, the aim of this organization is to revitalize the ancient Silk Road, which will, in new ways, cement ties and bring to a new height mutually beneficial cooperation between influential cultural institutions across Asia, Europe, and Africa.
Since its foundation, the SRILT has now grown into an alliance of 107 member units: 38 members are from within China,  69 members are from 2 international organization and 36 countries and regions around the world, creating a platform for international cultural exchange and cooperation.