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How you should imagine me

This project is dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini as part of the celebrations of the centenary of his birth. The entire corpus of Pasolini’s theatre work, all of which he completed in the spring of 1966,  will be performed on stage, under the guidance of innovative and talented young directors.

VIE Festival

This international Festival was founded with the goal of discovering new identities and voices from the contemporary scene, giving them opportunities to bring new ideas and identities to live performance.


FUORI!(OUT!) is an experimental project, offering teenagers the chance to be involved in creating and performing processes guided by international artists (Mammalian Diving Reflex, Marco Martinelli, Bluemotion / Giorgina Pi, Samara Hersch, Cheap, Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo, Eva Geatti, Anna Rispoli) in dialogue with the city’s resident creative community.


Carne (Flesh) focusses on the body and the physical dramaturgy of the body. It is curated by the choreographer Michela Lucenti and will be complementing ERT’s entire season drawing attention to the importance of embodying ideas and thoughts with the weight of flesh. Carne is a title manifesto, a call to root human thought in the presence and awareness of the weight and value of physicality.

Iolanda Gazzerro School

Iolanda Gazzerro Theatre School – Permanent laboratory for the actor – begins a new chapter under director Valter Malosti. Actors will be trained to be able to move between different languages and interpretations and use them in an artistic practice that ranges between the various disciplines of the theatre.  

LINEA Editions

Since 2018 Luca Sossella Editore and ERT have been publishing Linea, a series of texts of new dramaturgy. Theatre is by nature ephemeral but by publishing these scripts, trapping the thoughts and words on paper, we can preserve the skeleton which with the addition of the flesh and blood of performance becomes the show.