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FUORI! (OUT!), it’s a project by ERT, curated by Silvia Bottiroli, promoted by the  Municipality of Bologna and financed by the EU – European Social Fund in the context of the Metropolitan Cities Operational Program 2014-2020 and of the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

FUORI! is a project with an experimental attitude, which involves the teenagers of Bologna in participatory processes of research and performative creation entrusted to international artists in dialogue with the city’s artistic scene.

The different paths bring to light some urgent issues of today, giving voice and power to girls and boys through methods rooted in the complexity of their daily lives, to give life to concrete forms of imagination. Started in June 2022, FUORI! it will be divided into eight project lines that will punctuate an entire year with moments dedicated to teenagers and others open to citizenship, to conclude with a large public program in June 2023.

The principle that unites the different lines of work is to bring together girls and boys with processes of artistic creation within which they can assume different positions and roles – from developing content to commissioning a work of art, to be reappropriated of public space to experience spectatorship as an emancipated practice – putting the different participatory forms into perspective.
Through the paths of research and creation proposed by the various artistic projects, FUORI! it articulates four issues in work processes and in a public program that directly question the new generations and which call for the construction of practices, shared imaginaries, forms of thought and action: re-appropriation, the political, the politics of the body, and authority.

The artists involved in the project are: Mammalian Diving Reflex, Marco Martinelli, Bluemotion / Giorgina Pi, Samara Hersch, Cheap, Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo, Eva Geatti, Anna Rispoli.