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About ERT

Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione is the permanent public theatre institution of the Emilia Romagna Regional Council operating in the towns of Modena, Bologna, Cesena, Vignola and Castelfranco Emilia.

Since 2015, ERT has been one of the six Italian National Theatres.

Our venues
Teatro Storchi (851 seats) Modena
Teatro delle Passioni (120 seats) Modena
Teatro Fabbri (466 seats) Vignola
Teatro Dadà (299 seats) Castelfranco Emilia
Teatro Arena del Sole Bologna
  – Sala Leo De Berardinis (896 seats)
  – Sala Thierry Salmon (182 seats)
  – Teatro delle Moline (50 seats)
Teatro Bonci (711 seats) Cesena

Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione aims to face The New, which should not be referred to as a style, but rather as a practice to rework what has been done in the past, as the impulse to effect change while respecting the delicate interweave of memory and future, tradition and research. Since this change involves both theatre languages and surrounding reality, changing theatre practice means changing the world. To the ERT foundation, theatre is a value to preserve, a precious public asset, a top priority among community interests. It is a necessary space, enabling active and conscious learning through the great variety of experiences it offers.

ERT is committed to taking care of local communities and developing strong roots in its territory, in order to build solid relations with the national theatre system and focus on what is going on in the rest of the world. The foundation’s tireless efforts aim to take local artists to national and international stages and host the most relevant theatre productions from Italy and abroad. Europe is a cradle of essential values inherited from history as well as an open space for dialogue and exchange. Through the development of international relations, ERT contributes to the definition of a broader European culture.


Included among the Italian National Theatres since 2015, ERT is a permanent theatre production institution. With a range of more than 150 produced shows, it supports theatre artists while developing a quest for new forms and methods to meet a broader range of audience and deliver uncommon cultural stimulation. Among the directors ERT has collaborated with are: Giancarlo Cobelli, Pippo Delbono, Cesare Lievi, Thierry Salmon, Federico Tiezzi, Enrique Vargas, Bob Wilson, Eimuntas Nekrošius, Massimo Castri, Alvis Hermanis, Antonio Latella, Kostantin Bogomolov. ERT shows have been performed in the most prestigious theatres and festivals in Italy and worldwide (Amsterdam, Avignon, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Caracas, Leuven, Madrid, Montreal, Moscow, Beijing, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Zurich).

Scuola di Teatro Iolanda Gazzerro 

One of the main activities of Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione is in the field of theatre education. ERT manages the Scuola di Teatro Iolanda Gazzerro for young artists, and a one-year specialization course open to candidates having a theatre school diploma or any professional theatre experience.