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Premiere: Teatro della Passioni, Modena, 10/01/2017

About this event

An old woman and a small man live in the same house. They talk, cook for each other, wash themselves and play with their animals: a hen called Santina and a mouse called Beniamino. Their parent’s portraits are hanged on the wall. Sometimes their parents come back to life and take part in the show with their voices and lyrical solos. Despite that the characters live together in the same house, they do not know each other, they have never met before, indeed they ignore each other existence. One night they find out that they are sleeping side by side in the same bed and claim the ownership of the bed. They begin to bicker, to accuse each other, deny and exchange their identities.

Artistic Data

author Franco Scaldati
direction Enzo Vetrano e Stefano Randisi
with Enzo Vetrano e Stefano Randisi
original live music Fratelli Mancuso

photo Luca Del Pia

a production of Assassina • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro