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Bestemmia d’amore

(Blasphemy of Love)

Premiere: Teatro Arena del Sole/VIE Festival, Bologna, 12/10/2014

About this event

“In order to survive in a long codicil
Of unexhausted, inexhaustible passion
— that in nearly any other time was the pedestal —

I know that a light, in the chaos of religion,
A light of righteousness redeems in me
The excess dissipated love of desperation..”.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

This concert is a step of the artistic project I follow up with Enzo Avitabile. A unique artist in his ability to combine the tradition of blues, jazz, funk, rock with the classic and the baroque, till to embrace the ancient popular and Neapolitan tradition. But in order to achieve his own music, original and unique.
“Bestemmia d’Amore” is a concert in which words become music, in order to investigate this vulgar and sacred, black and bright, hard and sweet time, talking again about love. The love that is blasphemed, wounded, drowned, killed, reborn, and killed again, but still alive.

Pippo Delbono

Bestemmia d’amore

by Pippo Delbono
and Enzo Avitabile
a production of Bestemmia d’amore • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro


Bestemmia d'amore