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Se questo è un uomo

(If This Is a Man)

About this event

Se questo è un uomo is a show based on the homonymous memoir by Italian Jewish writer Primo Levi, considered one of the main voices that have told Auschwitz. The author describes his arrest and his incarceration in the concentration camp from February 1944 till January 1945.
Levi’s book is staged for the very first time without any kind of mediation; on the stage, the unmistakable, mild yet firm voice of the writer and witness of the Lager rings out; that voice tells the world of the horror and madness of the Nazi extermination.
After the great success with which he was welcomed in Italy at his debut, Se questo è un uomo, directed and performed by Valter Malosti is back on stage.
In the performance, which can be defined as an acoustic opera, the protagonist is the voice of the actor who embraces Primo Levi’s crystal clear words. The three original madrigals created by Carlo Boccadoro from the poems Levi wrote in 1945-46, immediately after his return from Auschwitz, act as a counterpoint to the narration. The place of the action is a visual short-circuit between the memory of the lager and “our lukewarm homes”.

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Theater season 2021/2022
from 11/11/2021 to 14/11/2021
from 18/11/2021 to 21/11/2021
from 24/11/2021 to 28/11/2021
Cagliari (Italy) – Teatro Massimo
from 01/12/2021 to 05/12/2021
from 18/01/2022 to 19/01/2022
from 22/01/2022 to 23/01/2022
from 26/01/2022 to 27/01/2022
from 29/01/2022 to 30/01/2022
from 03/02/2022 to 06/02/2022
from 09/02/2022 to 13/02/2022
from 18/02/2022 to 20/02/2022
Pistoia (Italy) - Teatro Mascagni
from 23/02/2022 to 27/02/2022

Se questo è un uomo

based on Primo Levi’s book
stage condensation by Domenico Scarpa and Valter Malosti
directed by Valter Malosti
on stage Valter Malosti
and Camilla Sandri Bellezza, Giacomo Zandonà
set design Margherita Palli
light design Cesare Accetta
costumes Gianluca Sbicca
sound project Gup Alcaro
three madrigals (based on poetic work by Primo Levi) Carlo Boccadoro
video Luca Brinchi, Daniele Spanò
production ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro, TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa, Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale, Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale
a production of Se questo è un uomo • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro