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Premiere: Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna, 18/05/2023

About this event

Affabulazione is an Oedipus Rex mixed with the myth of Cronos. It is an anguished dream, a labyrinthine journey into the consciousness of the bourgeois class in 1966 and, today, into the consciousness of us all. Pasolini’s tragedy becomes, in the reading of the director Marco Lorenzi, a cruel thriller, sometimes black, disturbing, and surreal.

A labyrinthine journey into the consciousness of the bourgeois class, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Affabulazione is a drama that deals with the lack of dialogue between two generations through the difficult relationship between a father and his son.

Pasolini’s tragedy is directed by Marco Lorenzi, co-founder of the company Il Mulino di Amleto.

The story begins with the anguished dream of a Lombard industrialist who begins to feel like a child again, feeling an obscure attraction for his son: he would like to renew himself in him by regaining the freedom and naivety of adolescence. A sort of reversal of the Oedipal myth, in which the father considers his son as a fascinating enigma to be deciphered, although this conviction turns out to be a mistake: the mystery is without solution. Accompanied by the shadow of Pasolini returning from the Hades of the Ostia seaplane, this story of ambiguity, silences and hatred becomes for Lorenzi a pretext to look at the contemporary world and to ask: what happens when are not the sons who kill the fathers, but the other way around?

Artistic Data

by Pier Paolo Pasolini
directed by Marco Lorenzi
with Danilo Nigrelli, Irene Ivaldi, Roberta Lanave, Barbara Mazzi, Riccardo Niceforo
dramaturg Laura Olivi
set and costumes Gregorio Zurla
light design Giulia Pastore
son design Massimiliano Bressan
director’s assistant Yuri D’Agostino

production Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale
in collaboration with AMA Factory and Il Mulino di Amleto
thanks to TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa

within the project Come devi immaginarmi dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini

a production of Affabulazione • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro