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Il giardino dei ciliegi

(The Cherry Orchard. Thirty years of loaned happiness)

Premiere: Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna, 17/03/2018

About this event

The idea for the show came to Kepler-452 when they met two real “imaginary” characters, Giuliano and Annalisa Bianchi, otherwise known as Ljuba and Gaev. In Čhecov’s text, set in an undefined year of the late nineteenth century, the cherry orchard is put up for auction to cover their debts together with their home. The central image of the play is the disappearance of a magical place, deeply impregnated with the lives of its inhabitants.
For thirty years, Giuliano and Annalisa Bianchi lived in a farmhouse by free concession granted by Bologna City Council in the city suburbs. There, they welcome and take care of exotic or dangerous animals, they accomodate ex-isolation detainees as well as an extended Romani family… Thirty years, they say, of pure happiness. Until 2015, when the world’s largest food park opens opposite the cherry orchard. The Bianchi’s receive a notice of eviction. The magic of this contemporary Cherry orchard – with its animals, relationships, affections – suddenly ceases to exist. The essence of Ljuba and Gaev’s story is so distant and yet so similar in time and space.



Theater season 2019/2020
NOT Festival - Cremona
Teatro delle Briciole – Parma
from 21/01/2020 to 26/01/2020

Artistic Data

idea and playwright Kepler-452 (Aiello, Baraldi, Borghesi)
directed by Nicola Borghesi
with Annalisa and Giuliano Bianchi, Paola Aiello, Nicola Borghesi, Lodovico Guenzi
sounds Alberto "Bebo" Guidetti
lights Vincent Longuemare
produced by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione


photo Luca Del Pia

a production of Il giardino dei ciliegi • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro