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Il Libro di Giobbe

(The Book of Job)

Premiere: Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna, 13/10/2017

About this event

Pietro Babina is an Italian contemporary director, who won several national and international awards for his careful research, which investigates the emerging languages produced by new technologies in relation to dramaturgy and theatre fundamentals. “The Book of Job” is a journey based on the biblical text with the same name. Pietro Babina worked with Emanuele Aldrovandi (winner of Premio Hystrio Scritture di Scena 2015 and Pr emio Riccione Tondelli 2013) to reflect on many biblical questions.
Babina explained that Job evokes questions about the meaning of life from both a religious and an atheistic point of view. Job’s life is an inspiration for a contemporary tale. Once again, the playwright focuses on the themes that obsess him and on which, in his opinion, theatre itself is based: the research on the origin of the evil, the value of the good, the existence of a magical dimension, the relations between injustice and justice, power and freedom.
Pietro Babina asks himself and his audience: “Who is Job? Is his pain ours? Could his pain be ours? What is Job? Is he an emblem? Is it necessary for us to live Job’s own tragic events to understand his pain? Do these events cause the metaphysical questions? Or do they already lay in us? Is it possible to find an answer to the unsolved questions about the meaning of life and its consequent suffering?



from 13/10/2017 to 16/10/2017
from 02/11/2017 to 05/11/2017
from 07/11/2017 to 08/11/2017
from 10/11/2017 to 12/11/2017

Artistic Data

by Emanuele Aldrovandi e Pietro Babina
loosely based on the biblical text
set design, lights and direction  Pietro Babina
with Leonardo Capuano
and Alessandro Bay Rossi, Barbara Chichiarelli, Fabrizio Croci, Andrea Sorrentino, Giuliana Vigogna
production  Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

photo Claudia Marini

a production of Il Libro di Giobbe • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro