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About this event

How aware are we of the fact that when we talk about identity, we no longer mean the subject within a community, but rather the social power of its own “body-context”, of which the subject is the spokesperson?
This is one of the main questions of Kassandra, a hyper-contemporary rewriting by the Franco-Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco, one of the most interesting voices on the international scene.
The author sets the story in a sordid bar on the outskirts of a city. Kassandra sells cigarettes, sells her body and gets lost in the words of a language that is not her own and which she speaks with difficulty.
With Kassandra, Blanco decides to explore a woman “in transit”, with no fixed identity, no address, no country: a clandestine woman.
An ironic monologue, full of sound and music, funny but deeply touching, that talks about today through myth.
A myth that cannot but be reread with the eyes of the present, which talks about ‘polis’ in relation to the culture of difference, class struggle, gender identity, sexual orientation, inclusive language.

performance in English esperanto

Lenght 1 hour and 10 minutes


Listen to the Kassandra Song




Stagione 21/22
from 10/05/2022 to 22/05/2022
Teatro Arena del Sole
from 31/05/2022 to 12/06/2022
Teatro Tempio
from 14/06/2022 to 18/06/2022

Artistic Data

by Sergio Blanco
with Roberta Lidia De Stefano
direction, set and costumes Maria Vittoria Bellingeri
original music Roberta Lidia De Stefano
lights Andrea Sanson
director’s assistant Greta Bertani
production Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale

technical director Massimo Gianaroli
stage manager and head machinist Mauro Fronzi
head electrician Nicolò Fornasini
sound technician Alberto Irrera
“car element” on stage by the workshop of Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale
workshop responsible and head carpenter Gioacchino Gramolini
carpenters Riccardo Betti and Roberto Riccò

photos Serena Serrani

a production of Kassandra • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro