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Les Fleurs

Performing act for real bodies

An hymn to finiteness, to packing, to pavements, to fellow travellers, to enduring.

 Les Fleurs will be about poetic language and the revolutionary impact this language can have on the contemporary body, in a vision of freedom and dialogue with civil society, proposing the poetic body as a political body. 

What does physical dramaturgy mean? Telling/speaking about oneself through the body, not being afraid of speaking one’s own language, but what is even more necessary and understand what one wants to say. It is not a matter of experimenting, of investigating, but of being able to look a spectator in the eyes and dialogue.

Dance often becomes a screen, it bends, it becomes introspective, it is afraid to communicate. We are taught styles but not what is expected of us that is to say: to witness. A body that moves cannot be abstract, it becomes practice and theory of its own existence.

Beauty belongs to life, the dross, the detritus, the falls of everyday life stand out in the whole of splendour to tell themselves as a single miracle that shines everywhere.

The prose of the world is in the bodies.

Pieces of a mosaic, notes, suggestions and physical stories that link together like paths in a forest. The only depositary is the body. To out together the matter and the spirit like a universal key, a testimony. Truth cannot be pronounced but only glimpsed, it is in the complexity that we find illumination, knowledge.

Within the broken bodies, necessity lurks.

Life emerges through images, in Salon of 1859 Baudelaire wrote that “the whole universe is but a storehouse of images and signs”, the role of the artist is not to tap into this reservoir of signs and the dancer can only convey them through his/her only true resource, his/her body.

We will talk about our tightrope condition, of our fears, of the prostitution to which we are forced, of our failures and of the intrinsic joy we have by earning our poor freedom day by day.




from 07/12/2023 to 17/12/2023

Artistic Data

direction and choreography Michela Lucenti
with Maurizio Camilli, Michela Lucenti, Alessandro Pallecchi, Gianluca Pezzino, Emanuela Serra, Francesca Zaccaria
and with Francesco Gabrielli
dramaturgy Maurizio Camilli, Michela Lucenti, Emanuela Serra
light project Stefano Mazzanti
sound project Guido Affini
space ideation consultancy Alberto Favretto
first assistant director Giulia Spattini
second assistant director Jacopo Squizzato
stage manager Davide Capponcelli
head electrician Tiziano Ruggia
sound engineer Guido Affini
dresser Anna Vecchi
production Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale, Balletto Civile
photo by Jacopo Benassi



a production of Les Fleurs • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro