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Romeo and Juliet


Premiere: Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna, 08/09/2020

About this event

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about adolescence. Though, this time Romeo and Juliet are not two beautiful and fearless youngsters living in a blind inhuman and inflexible world. They don’t have red cheeks and peach skin. They rather smell the cigarettes, are tattooed, fashionable but never elegantly dressed. They are not well raised, they are not brave. Let’s say they do not correspond to the reassuring and gentle image that makes us love them. The adults who have the power in the drama are not ready to come to terms: protection is granted only provided that rules are respected. Beyond rules, life is not preserved. The soundtrack of this teenage drama includes both songs to listen to and clothes to wear. It deals with one or more generations, with the places they use to meet at, with the models they inspire to. A XXIst century melo drama is not a play where actors sing in their tights but a drama developing around a music event. 




Theatre Season 2020/2021
from 08/09/2020 to 20/09/2020

Artistic Data

by William Shakespeare
directon and playwright by Teodoro Bonci del Bene
advice on historical playwright sources Gerardo Guccini
with Carolina Cangini, Jacopo Trebbi, Teodoro Bonci del Bene – Big Action Money

produced by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione in collaboration with L’ Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino 

a production of Romeo and Juliet • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro


Romeo & Juliet