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Scarpette rotte

(Broken slippers)

About this event

The sad life of an orphan girl is transformed into a glittering dream. But unbridled luxury hides pitfalls and the magic slippers have a terrible lesson to teach. Emma Dante, one of the highest voices of Italian theatre, addresses again to children, rewriting a classic fairy tale that captivates spectators of all ages. A cruel apologue that, in an explosion of physicality and colour, teaches the value of humility.

For a public from the age of 6 years

Lenght: 1 hour


Artistic Data

text and direction Emma Dante
whit Martina Caracappa, Davide Celona, Adriano Di Carlo, Daniela Macaluso
set Carmine Maringola
costumes Emma Dante
light design Cristian Zucaro
production coordinator Daniela Gusmano
technical directore Massimo Gianaroli
sound and light technician Sergio Taddei
production Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT/ Teatro Nazionale, FONDAZIONE TRG Onlus
collaboration with Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale

photo Carmine Maringola

a production of Scarpette rotte • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro