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Premiere: 29 october 2021 - CDN - Orléans (France)

About this event

Flamenco, I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve suffered a lot. If you haven’t suffered, how will you suffer in flamenco? To be flamenco, one needs to have a cause. Here, now, this is empty, there’s no cause. What’s the cause? First you have to be with a woman you love. And then you leave her or she leaves you. And there you have the suffering and the moan If you don’t have a cause, why would you sing?

Manuel de los Santos, Agujetas

Angelica Liddell probes suffering in her new show, Terebrante. She does it appealing to the cantaor, Manuel Agujetas, and his existential pain, the essence of flamenco. “If you haven’t suffered, what flamenco are you going to sing?”, declared the Jerez-born artist, died last year. The biggest suffering is caused by terebrant pain, “a pain”, affirms Liddell, “capable of destroying the world’s breast”, as if someone were drilling into the centre of a stab wound. This pain is expressed through the seguiriya,the primitive and tragic chant of flamenco.




from 29/04/2022 to 30/04/2022

Artistic Data

Text, direction, scenic space and costume: Angélica Liddell
Performer Angélica Liddell with Saité Ye, Gumersindo Puche and Palestina de los Reyes
Lights Carlos Marquerie
Direction assistant Borja López
Grooming Nicolas Guy Michel Chevallier
Sound space Antonio Navarro
Lights  Tirso Izuzquiza
Production, comunication and logistic assistant Saité Ye e Génica Montalbano
Executive production  Gumersindo Puche
Coproduction ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro, CDN Orléans / Centre – Val de Loire, IAQUINANDI S.L. and Festival Temporada Alta/ Girona



a production of Terebrante • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro