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Totò e Vicé

Premiere: Teatro delle Passioni, Modena, 26/10/2017

About this event

Enzo Vetrano e Stefano Randisi are actors, authors and theatre directors, who have been working together since 1976. Through their training group work, they based their research on improvisation, collective dramaturgy and focused on the actors themselves. Later, they developed a fine theatre craft, in which tradition is intertwined with innovative forms.

The artists have met Totò and Vicé, two tender and surreal homeless men who were born from Franco Scaldati’s imagination. Scaldati was a poet, an actor and a playwright from Palermo. Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi have immediately identified themselves with the words, gestures, thoughts and games described by Scaldati.
Totò and Vicé share a strong friendship and live in fragments of dreams, between past and future.
Concerning this extraordinary, poetic and touching show, the press said that: “Theatre, the authentic theatre, the one that easily takes your breath away, (…) the theatre that seems to be wasted and ephemeral, but on the contrary it fills your soul and makes you cry. We experienced this kind of theatre with Enzo Vetrano e Stefano Randisi, who gave voice to genuine and compassionate lines of Totò and Vicè.

Artistic Data

author Franco Scaldati
direction Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi
with Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi

foto di Tommaso Le Pera

a production of Totò e Vicé • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro