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Premiere: Teatro delle Passioni, Modena, 17/12/2019

About this event

Giorgina Pi, one of the founders of the Collective Angelo Mai in Rome, brings to the stage Wasted, the text of Kate Tempest, an explosive artist who mixes rap, poetry, politics and music, creating a unique style that makes her becoming an icon of youth protest for the English cultural scene.

Wasted blooms from the theme of mourning and develops on the struggle to change without loosing themselves. Poetry, music and choir deal with the impossibility to have back what you wanted. A story in which two men and a woman gathered to commemorate the loss of a friend happened ten years before. Confrontation, thoughts and illusions flow on the ridge of pain, on the impossibility to become what you wanted to and the struggle to be just who you can be.

We are in front of a work that mixes wisely different languages, a total piéce. Poetry in rap style, with microphones and streams of consciousness addressed to the audience (“I have no idea about what am I doing here”) combined with everyday scenes. An anciently inspired choir interpreted by the characters themselves.



Theater season 2019/2020
from 17/12/2019 to 22/12/2019
from 14/01/2020 to 26/01/2020

Artistic Data

by Kate Tempest
translated by Riccardo Duranti
a performance by Bluemotion
conceived and directed by Giorgina Pi
with Sylvia De Fanti, Xhulio Petushi, Gabriele Portoghese
set by Giorgina Pi
costumes advisory by Gianluca Falaschi
music reading by Collettivo Angelo Mai
lights Andrea Gallo
sounds Paolo Panella/Lorenzo Danesin
props and direction’s assistant Marta Montevecchi
produced by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
in collaboration with Angelo Mai / Bluemotion

Bluemotion thanks Ateliersi for the Creative Residency with Aura Satz
To the memory of Lorenzo Amurri

a production of Wasted • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro