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When the Rain Stops Falling

Premiere: Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna, 06/02/2019

About this event

When the Rain Stops Falling is an award-winning play about family, secret legacies, betrayal and forgiveness perceived across four generations and two continents.
Renowned Australian playwright and screenwriter, Andrew Bovell, wrote it.
The play opens to the sound of falling rain in the desert region of Alice Springs, Australia in 2039. Itinerant, eccentric wanderer, Gabriel York, is waiting for a visit from his adult English son, Andrew, after years of estrangement. The action then shifts to the past, to a modest flat in London in 1959.
When the Rain Stops Falling is a family saga that moves back and forth in time, thus taking us on the threshold of an incredible torrential downpour. It is the story of the York-Law family: four generations of fathers and sons, mothers, lovers and wives. It is a great genealogical journey throughout abandonment, knowledge and the capacity to let go.

Artistic Data

by Andrew Bovell
directed by Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli
with Caterina Carpio, Marco Cavalcoli, Lorenzo Frediani, Tania Garribba, Fortunato Leccese, Anna Mallamaci, Emiliano Masala, Camilla Semino Favro, Francesco Villano
a project by lacasadargilla and Alessandro Ferroni
produced by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Teatro di Roma
co- produced by Teatro di Roma, Teatro Due di Parma

photo Sveva Bellucci

a production of When the Rain Stops Falling • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro


When the Rain Stops Falling