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Invettiva inopportuna

(Inopportune Invective)

Premiere: DOM la cupola del Pilastro, Bologna, 26/10/2020

About this event

Laminarie Company has been founded in 1994 and it aims to discover new ways to communicate within the avant-garde theatre. Over ten years the company has developed its own character, which borders with architecture and visual arts, cinema, literature.
In Inopportune Invective, a man is in the centre of a complex structure of pulleys and ropes between which he tries to disentangle himself with difficulty. The two kilometres of ropes form an impenetrable landscape that hinders all movements. The performer, moving from one point to another on the stage, pulls, unthreads and tugs at the ropes until the construction collapses.
His gestures provoke clear sounds, sometimes deafening, sometimes assonant. These sounds are precise but not always controllable.
The theatrical installation appears as one big sound body, in which the strings, the actor’s body and the space vibrate in unison.
The performance stems from the desire to give the audience thought about the function of art; art that does not resign itself to being a consolatory instrument but insists on being a complex, disjointed, unproductive gift.



Theater season 2021/2022
from 26/11/2021 to 07/12/2021

Invettiva inopportuna

direction, set design, lighting and sound Febo Del Zozzo
dramaturgy Bruna Gambarelli
text Matteo Marchesini

technical advisor  Matteo Braschi

Technician Riccardo Uguzzoni

production assistant Perla Degli Esposti

executive production Marcella Loconte

production Laminarie

co-production ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro

a production of Invettiva inopportuna • Production Emilia Romagna Teatro